Wednesday January 4, 2006

Special Education Links

Town of Sharon Links
Town of Sharon Web Site
Sharon Public Schools
The Children’s Center
Massachusetts Special Education Laws
Massachusetts Based Agencies Links
General Special Education Links
NIDCD. The NIDCD Directory lists organizations that are national in scope and that focus on health issues relating to hearing, balance, smell, taste, voice, speech, and language.
Assistive Technology Links
Adrenal Diseases
Albinism and Hypopigmentation
National Aphasia Association
Asperger’s Syndrome Links

Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita
Autism Links
Bipolar Disorder Links
Blind/Sight Impaired
Bullying & Teasing Links
Charge Syndrome
Conductive Education
Cystic Fibrosis
Deaf/Hard of Hearing Links
Down Syndrome Links
Drug Abuse/Education Links
Dyslexia Links
Education Related Links
Fragile X Syndrome
Gifted/Special Needs Resources
Home Schooling Links
Learning Disabilities Links
Mass. Organization of Educational Collaboratives
MCAS Links
Mental Illness/Mental Health Links
Nonverbal Learning Disorder/Disabilities Links
Reading and Literacy Links
Selective Mutism Links
Sensory Integration Links
Special Education Advocacy Links

Summer Camps Links
Spina Bifida Links
Stuttering Links
Tourette Syndrome Links
Vision Therapy Links

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